The evolution of Elearning

E-learning has advanced the learning methods and assisted numerous of students of all ages as well as also tutors and professors to succeed in a better understanding of various topics, E-learning further provides equal opportunities by eliminating distances and inclusion barriers. In some years only, traditional educational systems have radically changed with the introduction of technology and Internet as learning assistive tools. This affected and finally altered the process in which teaching is broadcasted (tutors) and received (students).

Even if there are various approaches and studies on how to reach a higher level of personalization related to the receivers, the need to approach needs precisely, considering both the intellectual and the emotional factors, and finally provide with exact information plus personalized learning path per subject, is imperative.

E-learning represents the upward impulse for teaching and learning for the future that will assure that students evolve and benefit from their educational experience for their lives.

Thinking of my thoughts

Have you ever considered how many thoughts you have each minute? Seriously! Count them! Just for one minute, take one post-it and make a simple dot each time you think of something… and then, of course, count them… Think of the result, and multiply it with all the minutes of your life till this very moment.

Osho says: thoughts are like the clouds that cover the blue sky, and that the sky is you

Why is that? Simply because when we have an issue to deal with, we think, and then think and then again think of that issue while we never try to find a solution… But reaching a solution means that we reach our potential, which means ourselves. Think of this. Do you feel better by thinking of an issue or by finding a solution and act accordingly?

There should be one mantra to repeat:
happiness is a state of being that can be only claimed and won by yourself!


Reality is a matter of perception

Any kind of mental or sentimental condition may be succeeded by repeating a concrete pattern. Socrates said that in order to learn something forever, you would need to repeat it 7 times.

The moment you realize that you experiencing a situation that you do not like, either because you created it or because it was incepted, you need to get out of it! But, how could you untrain a habitual behavior?

You may start by thinking of the ideal opposite. Keep that thought for 1′. Repeat that the following day and add 1′ more, and so on. By that, you succeed two things. You disrupt a reality you created or accepted which you do not like and you claim a new one.

I fully understand it’s painful and difficult to do it. Actually, it is your habitual persona that will not allow you to start. What should you expect? You will change. Your relationship with your significant one will improve. Your business and income will increase. Your body will change. Your universe will follow your new rhythm. YOU will be living a life you selected to!

Remember… the most ancient darkness vanishes in front of a single candle.


to invest or not to invest

Succeeding an Investment is a very important step for a startup. But when is the best time for that?

Let’s start with some simple questions:

  • What is your vision?
  • Does your strategy support your vision? How do you apply it?
    • How to you acquire new visitors and how you convert them to clients?
    • What is your main branding message?
    • Is your marketing strategy well defined including all new media?
    • Is your company/product disruptive to the market?
    • Why should one become your client?
  • Which are the concrete steps to bring your company/product to life?
  • How much have you invested in?
  • What kind of investment do you seek?

I know. Right?

We all understand that all in this life starts with the limitless definition of who we are, as individuals and as companies. Many business owners appear to believe in their business, but it is obvious that they are not entrepreneurs. They do not bet all they have in themselves and their company. For sure the risk is high. How could it not. But the moment you have an idea which may set you free from a vicious

For sure the risk is high. How could it not. But the moment you have a unique idea and a solid plan of execution, simply do it! That actually, might set you free from a vicious cycle, a torment of knowing what should you do and not doing it.

Now to our original point. When do you need an investment? There are only 2 stages:

  1. When you create your first profit! X amount of self-investment vs. net income after you pay yourself a salary! Then you are a healthy business and meaningful to invest in.
  2. When your prototype/beta is ready or product inventory is substantial or service has a great Operating Structure and you need monies for marketing and sales. The obvious risk is that your valuation will be low and you will not be able to protect your percentage. At that stage, you might have to consider that you need more a strategic partner or alliance instead of an investor or a VC.

Obviously, it all comes down to how much do you believe in your idea and if that is your passion. All the rest are (many) piece(s)… of (a big) cake!

Ps. please don’t go to your beloved FF&Fs. Bad practice to involve them with a serious emotional cost.


Success a State of Living

Have you ever considered what is success for you? I don’t mean for your parents, for your schoolmates, for your colleagues or for your partner. I mean for Y O U .

We come in a demanding world as a naked child. We cannot eat by ourselves. We cannot walk. Not talk. Can practically do nothing by ourselves. We are immensely dependent on anybody else. We want to become like somebody (parents?) so practically reach their own limits. Where is the success on that? Pessimism… Fatalism… Yeap. All that!

We have only one asset. An infinite inner force. That force is nourishing ourselves to achieve greatness. It is guiding us to learn and select freely our path. That if we do listen to our inner voice and we believe in ourselves with no doubt.

Jedi staff? Nope. This is the real deal!

Take any successful person you can think of. They all say: you don’t see how many failures I had before I got to be known and successful.

Yes. You are in that bottomless hell-pit (hello? Dante?) that nobody knows you and you consider success, a like on Facebook (sweet thing!).

Answer the following. Be honest. Separate your inner voice and all other voices in your head. Use 5 words max:



Your success can only be humongous! 


Ps. this is a sequence of songs. Great work Jain.

Universities & innovative companies show the way for modern HR

Few days remain until the first of the three events of the Santa Monica Job Fair powered by the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor of Santa Monica Ted Winter starts and already some important facts are becoming obvious. South California Universities and some very innovative companies showed the greater interest, and in some cases officially supported the Private Sector Jobs & Internships event.

Another interesting finding was that companies in sectors that could be described as more “traditional” were reluctant to test Team Plus HR recruiting system that matches potential candidates to specific job openings. There is no doubt that HR is very important and part of the capital of a company. Αbility, experience and knowledge of each employee contribute to the growth and development of the company and talented people can bring an added value to the enterprise.

Experience and instinct of the recruiter are of course indispensable but in most cases the recruiter has limited time to sort through all applications and match the qualifications for each applicant to the specific requirements of the job opening. Thus, it is frequent that some talents are disqualified long before they reach the interview phase. This is where a sophisticated HR recruitment system can make the difference and highlight a possible talent that could be lost as an asset to the company.

Defining talent on experience or education leaves no room for innovation or for genuinity.
We have to promote freedom of expression and intelligent creativity. 
That is what success is all about!

Until now over 500 job seekers have registered for the Santa Monica Private Sector Jobs & Internships event. The level of support from companies and institutions is also growing and now includes Santa Monica College, California Lutheran University, ENKI Technologies, Expert Dojo, General Assembly, Technical Connections, the Santa Monica Place and more.

With Brian MacMahon – ExpertDojo

If you live close to Santa Monica and interested there is still time to register. For more information and online registration you can visit