Apps are spooky but so nice

I was discussing with my associates about a new app. They looked a bit spooked out with my ideas as you can see.

We are at the point where IT meets branding and branding needs to finally be reality oriented.

We simply do not just develop a product, but we impact lives. Apps like Uber, Waze, Doorman, YouTube, Spotify and most are a part of our daily activities. (When was the last day you didn’t use StarBucks app???)

There is a certain dependency with all these. But it is becoming a modus-vivendi and practically it is being promoted to a form of collaborative assistance on a tap!

Let me know your ideas! I will be happy to discuss with you the viability of your product/service and contribute to your success.

btw missed it? Nokia 3310 is back! 

the 6th P: Philosophy

We need to establish the sixth P: Philosophy on top of Product, Price, Place, Promotion, and People.

The 6th P is like a sixth sense, invisible but able to determine the success or failure of a company.

We believe the first step in creating the visual identity of a company, actually, to create a company at all, is answer the WHY.
What is the underlying philosophy of creating the company and of being in business?

In current business practice, the closest to a company philosophy can be found in the company objectives and the mission statement to some extent. Most of the times, this is done without ever reflecting upon the philosophy apart from the fact that the company is created to make profits. And even that is sometimes unclear, which becomes visible especially in employees when they start spending more time browsing the internet than being productive.

Once the philosophy is clear, it is much easier to suggest the best combination of the following for the visual and web design of the company:

  • Color scheme
  • Shapes
  • Slogan (Motto)
  • Brand names
  • Keywords
  • Target group
  • Type of web domain
  • Sitemap and site structure

Not only that, we are actually convinced that the clearer and more coherent the philosophy, the longer the life cycle and the stronger the success of a company.

If the philosophy is clear from the beginning, it will be reflected in each design element and any other type of communication. It will be present in the heads of managers and co-workers. In fact, this will attract only talents who feel aligned with the company philosophy and therefore stay longer and create faster and better results.

e-Learning: a step ahead

E-learning has advanced the learning methods and assisted numerous students of all ages as well as tutors and professors to succeed in a better understanding of various topics. E-learning further provides equal opportunities by eliminating distances and inclusion barriers. Within a few years only, traditional educational systems have radically changed with the introduction of technology and the Internet as assistive learning tools. This affected and finally altered the process in which teaching is broadcasted (tutors) and received (students).


Even if there are various approaches and studies on how to reach a higher level of personalization related to the receivers, the need to approach the precise needs is imperative. A successful approach needs to consider both intellectual and the emotional factors, provide exact information and offer a personalized learning path per subject.

E-learning represents the upward impulse for teaching and learning for the future that will assure that students evolve and benefit from their educational experience for their lives. Everything that does not evolve in our universe degrades over time. The economy, culture and prosperity of a country are bound to the level of evolution of its children and students.

  • From a learning perspective, many instructors have reached the conclusion that the new media and interactive tools that are currently available facilitate the treatment of examples and cases in a way that would not have been viable using traditional means.
  • From a teaching perspective, irrespective of the complexity of the subject matter, interactive tools contribute to the explanation of difficult concepts, and help students in self-assessment. The incorporation of e-learning methods in teaching forces the instructor to rethink many aspects of his/her teaching methods as it is imperative to have a clear structure, to formulate clear goals in the eLearning modules for them to be accepted and to be effective.
  • From a social perspective, despite a disagreement amongst professors, it has widely been argued by scholars that learning is socially constructed. The role of the lecturer is to ensure that the discussion focus on the academic topic under scrutiny instead of incoherent chatter.

One of the initiatives we have fallen in love with are the free courses at Coursera, who would have thought that EA’s Founders will ever learn how to

20 IT-years & counting…

It was late at night yesterday as I was reviewing my co-workers deliverable for a new portal that it came to me. We are in 2017 now which means that 20 years have passed since the time I created my first web page for a client. Of course that page does not exist anymore and I wish I had kept it even as a snapshot image.  However, I still remember the effort I put to make it look nice and the pride when the client told me how much she liked my work. That praise for a 17-year-old boy was more important than the payment I received and possibly defined my career. I was studying Mathematics and I loved it but I also wanted to do something more creative, something that could combine mathematical models with graphical design and more philosophical concepts.

The internet was growing in 1997 and the .com boom had started but even then few people could imagine how the Net would be the king of communication media and such an important part of our everyday lives. Some people understood the immense advantage of being able to sell and promote products and services all over the world without having to create a physical shop or office. Other – including myself – also believed that the WWW would allow scientists to communicate easier, kids in remote places could be educated, patients could find information and treatment for medical issues and, all in all, a more united, better world. After 20 years we all know that the Net did all of the above and more. Even if there are people who try to use it for political manipulation, for financial fraud or other illegal activities the Net still is one of the most important discoveries and a unique medium that allows distribution of ideas and expression of each one of us.

It came to me that after all these years Net-ing it is time to start my own old fashioned blog in order to keep things from being lost.  A page where I can write what I remember from the past years, what I feel now and the places my imagination guides me. It is a page for me, to remember successes, to reflect on my failures and envision my future steps. But if you want and like to read what I write here you are more than welcome to visit.

And a song…