When now does start for you

There are two major things that do not allow you to progress towards reaching yourself, your past and your future… actually, to make it more precise… your impressions about your past and your imagination about your future. Why is that? I read once “past is God’s punishment for humans“… would it also be the future? I bet so… The reason is simple: we do not live now, in this very instant, but in the space of our minds where we develop impressions and imaginations!

Today, I was washing my hands and I thought, “God, I have long fingers”. Seriously, I have never noticed that before… That very moment, I observed my body, my mind and everything around me clearly. So, yes, this is the first level of being an observer, but, again, something was missing. I was not out of feelings… I was angry with myself for not having had that observation before. So, my feelings did not allow me to observe the present moment clearly!

How do you live your life? Is the world you – or – are you a tiny spot in the universe that has, though, all the characteristics inside you? When do you think that it is the correct time to understand your potential to ACT? Yesterday? Tomorrow? If revolutionists had said that they would wait for a revolution, we would still be living under dictatorship, and you would not be able to have an opinion and the life you have now! Your body, mind, and feelings would be in a box that could easily be manipulated!

Once I told C.

“With fully conscious eyes of today, you have to observe your past and create your future”.

Try it… your life will change to that one you really want! There is a path we seldom take… the path that leads to our self-understanding and to consciousness.

Upside Down

Everything we do… everything we are… everything we create… is coming from the invisible! Why do I start with this phrase? Well… I was thinking that it is about time we seriously took charge of our lives. We are just perfect in complaining, moaning, sleeping awake… but we forget that life is something more essential… and we are a part of it! It… it?!?!?! NO! It is not just “it”, we are talking about life! The energy that makes our heart beat, our brain think and our feet walk! But, we forget all those things and we just do not… create!

In the Heart Sutra is mentioned that: “all is formed from nothingness” since “form is emptiness… emptiness if form“.

The deepest meaning is that you are in control of your state of being, destiny, and living. You are the creator of your own world. Despite what karma or dharma proposes you select which reality may be paved by yourself.

When was the last time you created something? When did you decide that “today, I am a part of the creation and I create!” When did you defy what you see and you are what you believe?

Start!!! Today! NOW!!! The way to do this is simple: just turn your life upside down… shall we try?


Thinking of my thoughts

Have you ever considered how many thoughts you have each minute? Seriously! Count them! Just for one minute, take one post-it and make a simple dot each time you think of something… and then, of course, count them… Think of the result, and multiply it with all the minutes of your life till this very moment.

Osho says: thoughts are like the clouds that cover the blue sky, and that the sky is you

Why is that? Simply because when we have an issue to deal with, we think, and then think and then again think of that issue while we never try to find a solution… But reaching a solution means that we reach our potential, which means ourselves. Think of this. Do you feel better by thinking of an issue or by finding a solution and act accordingly?

There should be one mantra to repeat:
happiness is a state of being that can be only claimed and won by yourself!


Reality is a matter of perception

Any kind of mental or sentimental condition may be succeeded by repeating a concrete pattern. Socrates said that in order to learn something forever, you would need to repeat it 7 times.

The moment you realize that you experiencing a situation that you do not like, either because you created it or because it was incepted, you need to get out of it! But, how could you untrain a habitual behavior?

You may start by thinking of the ideal opposite. Keep that thought for 1′. Repeat that the following day and add 1′ more, and so on. By that, you succeed two things. You disrupt a reality you created or accepted which you do not like and you claim a new one.

I fully understand it’s painful and difficult to do it. Actually, it is your habitual persona that will not allow you to start. What should you expect? You will change. Your relationship with your significant one will improve. Your business and income will increase. Your body will change. Your universe will follow your new rhythm. YOU will be living a life you selected to!

Remember… the most ancient darkness vanishes in front of a single candle.



Psyche recognizes all that was, all that is and all that will be.

We meet with thousand of people in this life. Few only stay in our heart forever. Even when they cross to the other state of living that with fear we perceive and call it death.

So let me tell you my story and how I met Dimitris.

We met in my most ever troubled year. When I was 24. The company I used to work had promised to pay my MBA, instead they never paid me even some salaries. Horrible management.  With a prospect contract with the EC, I had to regroup. Apogee was too young, and Markos, my best friend, was serving the country (seriously? lol). I was at the lodge for the 1st time. April the 10th. He was sitting opposite to me. He did not smile. He was actually trying to avoid me. He did smoke his pipe (typical), caring for all he did or not hear. By insisting, I started talking to him. Trivial staff, for the most, about how to improve oneself and so on. And then I told him, could we meet some other day? He said, why don’t you come by my house this Saturday to meet also my family. Crazy right? I remember still the colors, smell, warm sun at the living room. His wife Mareanna, wanted to bring us coffee and of course some sweets. F* even now I can smell the smoke from his pipe. Ermioni was a little kid. Months old! She was definitely making her point even at that time of her age! Since then, we’ve been working with each other, non-stop, for one and only goal: perfect ourselves, inside.

The funniest thing? I even got split from a girl that I was dating, cause she got jealous of how much I love him as a person for who he is and for believing in myself and my potential.

You know. Immortality exists. As long as one keeps you in their heart. And mine is boiling.

I wish you all, to find your psyche friend. And make sure that by then you know how to play good backgammon. They’ll upset you immensely!

It’s a new day!

Today is such a nice day, isn’t it? Well… it is! You are strong, you are having a good time, you are enjoying everything around you… so, finally, you enjoy being yourself!

You may think that nobody understands your struggle, that each day you try to create something and develop your Inner Self more and more… Hesiodus said that “if you add a little to a little, and then do it again, soon the little will be much“. And then, you are surrounded by people who try to criticize your efforts and your state… they call you a loser… they are disappointed in you… Actually, what they are doing is to blame a part of themselves, the part holding them from succeeding in reaching their own targets! Do not feel sad about them… Do not be angry with them! Just love them, therefore, love yourself. Make a closure inside and move ahead. You and your life are much more important than any that could even try to hold you back and away from your happiness!

Since I remember myself, I have always had one major target. I will never have to tell myself in the mirror: “Why haven’t you done this since it is what you really want to do?”.

Life should be lived to its fullest.

Think of it… and do something that you really like today… without fears, regrets and thoughts of “what the others might say”!

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Favorite Song by Mina… put it LOUD!!! finally, I present myself… Today I AM MYSELF!!!! 

Is Your Success Possible?

Let’s turn impossible to I’m Possible! You came in this life for one and only one reason: to live your life full of love and in bliss!

Set aside mind, feelings, and fear…  Success is 13 steps away from you to claim it!

  1. Clear target, which should be according to
    • Your talents
    • Your educational background
    • You have not mastered yet
  2. Organize your ideas and create a plan with concrete milestones,
  3. Be disciplined. Not hypochondriac or maniac. Just understand what has to be done, will be done and is only a step closer to reaching your target,
  4. Maintain your state of body, mind and feelings in balance. Do not exaggerate on stretching any of them,
  5. Do not associate yourself with how others Your ideas and life are unique and guided by yourself,
  6. Listen to your heart but always check what exists in the market. Your most innovative ideas still have space,
  7. Do not feel that you are “miss something”. Fulfillment comes from understanding what is really missing and cannot be covered with what it is easy. The apparent is covered by the easy solution,
  8. Do not wait for any acknowledgment by anyone apart from yourself
  9. Be conscious of your present state, do not overestimate or underestimate yourself. In both cases, work harder to evolve,
  10. Persistence. Most lost the big opportunity just because they didn’t accomplish a final effort,
  11. Doing things you do not like, may happen only in the case where these will assist your target,
  12. Try to excel yourself. Do not stagnate. Keep your mind and heart boiling,
  13. Love what you do.

Relationship Guide

Life. Is full of surprises. Always. We come in a world as a little child and we get to know of our parents and closed ones, we meet new friends, boyfriends or girlfriends. We grow and create a legacy.

In this life path, we meet people that we share our heart, mind and body. We share our breath for moments that can never be forgotten. Moments that define us and determine how should we behave with our next relationship. At the beginning, we are empty of experiences and only have impressions from what we observe our parents or grandparents appear to treat each other in front of us. Then we form an understanding based on our individual experiences, which is changing accordingly if these are positive or negative.

It is inevitable. At a certain moment in our life, we will meet a person that is our soul-partner and we would wish to stay with that person forever. The issue is that we don’t know how to behave or to expect from that person, and the worst is that we assume that, that person should know us already.

Well, that won’t work… but here is a quick 5 step to succeed

Be honest

Nope. You don’t like ALL they say or ALL they do and vice versa. It’s simply impossible. It’s great sharing and respecting each other and their wishes, but if you do not like something you create a black hole, fed maybe in a daily basis. That will drive you both apart. You will start disliking yourself and you will explode at a certain point. It’s better fighting now and resolving any issue than once and for good…

Make them feel wanted

Especially after 11 months of a relationship, we all getting less enthusiastic. Not because we don’t want our partner. On the contrary. We do. But we have learned to be liked and conquered by the other person. That’s how we get confirmation! In addition, approaching the 1 year, it’s all nice but deep inside we do feel that it’s getting serious. Are we sure about that commitment? Should we stay together? Should we have kids? Should I meet more before settling? And all questions like that. Well, let me tell you. Not experiencing your partner to the fullest, you lose! Keep your love steaming hot!

Make time for your partner

I understand. You work a lot, and you must use a laptop, a smartphone, and a tablet at the same time. Well, make some space for your partner. Allocate some good hours every day and a lot during the weekend to meet, have fun, walk around, travel, experience each other. If you don’t like somebody, don’t make excuses on how much work you do have. Be honest in-front of yourself, at least, and move on. When was the last time you spontaneously booked a trip for your partner? You’ll just need keyboard and mouse. As destinations I recommend: Rome, Milano, Barcelona, Stockholm, London, Granada, Tenerife, Maastricht, Lisbon, Prague. So simple!


When was the last time you did fight with your partner like a kid? Realize that you won’t split up! You will be having actually fun! Actually, you are both right. And that’s the fun of it! Little arguments should be welcomed and feeling threatened that the other person will run away or hurt their feelings. We are together with a person not fix all their problems but to face them all together! There are times that their problem is our habits or behaviors. Just because they don’t know us yet as well as they will in some years, doesn’t mean we won’t get along already!

Hold hands

Old fashioned? Cheesy? Kids stuff? Call it what you want. The very first moment you touch their hand you’ll never forget it. So why shouldn’t you repeat it all the time? It’s not a part of a show. It’s how you tell your other half “you complete me” and “I’ll be next to you”.  Can it get better than this?


This universe is established in duality and nothing functions out of this concept. The beauty of life is to understand both sides of ourselves… both Sun and Moon and experience through the our other significant. Everything is important in this path … everything!


Chocolates or Flowers

I am addicted to chocolate… who isn’t right?

In life, there are many kind of pleasures. Name them… But one of them occupies a special place in our minds. Chocolate! Milk, vanilla, ginger, black, coffee, lemon, cherry, strawberry… whatever combination you can imagine! Recently, I ate duck with chocolate sauce and balsamico, and it was delicious. And then, you can also drink it, with 40% milk and 20% chocolate and, the rest, 40% water… the perfect combination. So, imagine that now, you are in a snow shelter, and it is cold outside. I bet that the only thing that would make you feel nice… is a cup of hot chocolate.

Since Valentine’s is around the corner, I would like to share with you an eternal love story… that of the Sun & the Moon.

Sun & Moon

S: It is half day since I have not seen you…

M: Hours seemed like an eternity and beyond…

S: I will touch you again with my breath, just to see you smile at me one more moment…

M: I will come after you to feel your breath…

S: I am the king… the ruler… I am everything… and yet nothing without you…

M: I am forgotten… I am worshiped… just because of you…

S: Life is so empty without you…

M: There is no life without you…

S: Who am I without you….?

M: Who am I without you….?

S: Never we were one… never we will.

M: You are I and I am you… always apart… always together

This universe is established in duality… nothing functions out of this concept… The beauty of life is to understand both sides of ourselves… but still incomplete without our special one. both Sun and Moon… everything is important in this chase … everything!

& some love songs… with extra flavor!

Evil or Live

We often reach a crossroad.

And I am asking you. Is your choice to follow truly yours?  Are you influenced by your perception of the world, which is shaped by your parents, society or news?

How can you recognize that thin line of being yourself and making your own choices vs. assuming of living your life and being manipulated to believe that you are yourself?

When will you take the responsibility to wake up? To be sincere with yourself and detach from all that is not yourself.

Life is not guiding you on its own will. It is you, who are able to shape life and make it as you want it.

These crossroads we meet when we are ready. When we have reached a critical knowledge of self-understanding and consciousness that change is the only opportunity we have.

Life is change. It’s all changing and staying alive.

How about you?